Choosing The Best Color For Your New Roof

There are a lot of choices when it comes to roof colors and some are more “green” or energy efficient than others. So Should you look at the price, longevity or the environment? We will take a look at some of your options to help you make the best choice for your new roof.

When we talk about eco-friendly roofing systems there are many opinions on what this means and degrees of efficiencies and roof color choices“greenness”.  So we will take a look at some of these in an effort to educate and remove some of the misconceptions about your roofing system.

Black Roof – For many years it was believed that lighter colored roofs were more green  than dark ones. But recent scientific studies are finding that in the northern United States a black roof is best. Here is a guideline you can follow: If you run your air conditioner more than 6 months a year, you will want a lighter colored roof. If you run your heat most of the year then you want a darker colored roof.

So what does this mean to the homeowner in Colorado or an area where you sort of fall in the middle with cold winters, warm summers and spring and fall seasons can be neutral or one of the extremes. In these areas you’ll notice that a lot of roofing systems are neutral to lighter in color. You really don’t see very many black roofs but you will find some that are darker shades of brown and green.

Your roofer can help you determine the best shade for your climate so you can get an aesthetically pleasing option that will compliment the look of your home but also improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Choosing The Best Color For Your New Roof

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